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Current Project Update 6/17/08

2008-06-17 20:51:14 by cyberkitty

I'm currently working on a pretty big project, probably going to be my longest flash EVUR. So I won't be posting much for a LOOONG time.


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2008-07-14 16:31:57

I am going to say something, and I hope you don't take the things offensive, because frankly, it is the pure truth. Not many look forward to a new Flash you are making. Proof? Your scores on the two previous Flash submissions you have submitted were very low. And also, this is the only comment on your page. If you want, try going exclusive or something. Post up on other websites or pages telling people about the Flash submissions you already have or the new one you are making. Secondly (also lastly), We don't expect your next submission to be really long. It may take a long time, though the last submissions were rather short. So yeah. Hopefully your new Flash will be like 1-2 minutes long, please.

P.S. - That banner is pretty good.


2008-07-14 16:33:00

Also when I said "It may take a long time" I meant by as in making it.


2008-07-15 16:24:55

don't care cyberbitch


2008-10-25 22:12:59

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Jesus, what are you working on?